Don’t buy computer games from this company

Sometimes it might be fun to play a computer game on your time off. But I would not recommend anyone to buy the Mac App Store version of Wargame: Airland Battle from the French game developer Focus Home Interactive. It does not work as intended (can’t play campaign mode or multiplayer mode) and the lack of any response whatsoever from the game support or the game developer itself is quite disturbing. Not exactly good PR if you want to keep your reputation as a serious company.

This company has sold a non-functioning product and it seems it does not take any responsibility for fixing it – or giving me my money back. This is the kind of behavior you might expect from small low-life shady entrepreneurs using foul business methods – and not from a large and internationally successful game developer. It does not make you very keen on buying other products there.

Se beware of this game on App Store. You won’t get any help or refund if it doesn’t work.

(Several inquiries to game support has gone unanswered since Oct. last year. I am also posting a copy of my mail directly to Focus Home Interactive in Paris here. And one more thing: To try to file a complaint through App Store’s own channels regarding a product thats is for sale on their site is a kafkaesque experience.)Skärmavbild 2014-12-23 kl. 18.41.09 kopia



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